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A Christmas Cherished Forever

January 2, 2009

By Alexis B., park city, UT

Aaaaah, yes, here we glance at a lovely neighborhood in Idaho. The mountain tops and valley just sprinkled with snow, almost as if the snow sits like powdered sugar on top of a fluffy beignet from New Orleans. The sun says its hellos, as the sky awakens after a long stygian night. The animals just waking , collecting their last bit of food just before the big storm. Dawn breaks and the light of a house flicks on. Just one.

Inside this sweet, sweet home, beautiful nutcrackers, mistle toe, and best of all, a freshly cut Christmas tree. The ornaments so precious and filled with memories. Under the tree, many, many gifts addressed to family members. Sitting on top of the tree, a striking glass angel highlights the tree.

Just then children dash down the stairs, eager to know what ol’ saint Nick brought them this year.

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