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By xDarithz, Lowell, MA

The greenest of eyes focus their gaze on me. They belong to the tawny-haired girl whose name I do not know. Every move I make; even a budge, the ominous eyes would trace the movement. And I haven’t the slightest clue of the source behind them. All I know is that the teenage girl has been scrutinizing me for a week or so now. And I have endeavored to ignore her observation, but all to no avail. I always sense her glare at recess; when everybody else are drawn to gossips. Because of her examination, my feel for banter and chitchat ceases to incite. My thoughts now hover around the spiteful eyes and their master, who must be on my back again, staring and awaiting my surrender.

I pace aimlessly around the school meadow. After a moment, I manage to ravel her gaze and conceal myself behind the ripened-apple tree.

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