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Judgement Night Soundtrack This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Jake H., Brooklyn, NY

   "Judgment Night" soundtrack

For all you people who have diverse and different musical tastes, I have found the tape for you. Punk, rap, heavy metal, and college music are represented on the "Judgment Night" soundtrack, making it a virtual plethora of distinct musical talent. Every cut on this album mixes a rap artist with an artist of heavy metal, punk, or college music.

For the hard-core headbangers, we have the always hard-core thrash band Slayer teaming up with Ice-T on the cut "Disorder." This song sounds just like a track from Ice-T's "Body Count" album. I personally don't like Slayer or the way Ice-T raps so I don't like this song. It was also way too heavy for me. The guitars go 100 miles an hour and everyone screams instead of singing.

For the many lovers of college music, there are two very mellow songs on this tape.

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