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Genie in a lamp

January 3, 2009

By claudiia,, Caguas, Puerto Rico

If there had been an Aladdin. If I could have been that Aladdin, I could have had a genie in a lamp. Oh, the things I would do. If it was as simple as you have 3 wishes, your wish is my command.

First, I would wish for love, all the ways in which someone can have love. Then, I would have family, friends, a lover, and a loved homeland... Second, I would wish for money, and then I could maintain and help my loved ones. Third, I wish for three times the amount of wishes I had before. That way I could wish for more because I would have 9 more wishes!

Third, I would wish for zero world hunger. Fourth, I would wish for complete political peace. Fifth, I would wish for zero racism. Sixth, I would wish for no global warming. Seventh, I would wish for family unity around the world.

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