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Lonely Exile

By claudiia,, Caguas, Puerto Rico

My name is Adrienne Mesnil, like the street, in Paris. I’m eight. I’ve lived in the US for three years now. Even though it’s strange because I am alone, and in a place with a different culture I’m grateful. I’m grateful mommy and daddy saved my life and sacrificed theirs to take me here. I’m learning English fast and writing it almost perfectly. Sometimes I’m happy because I have some friends too, and because I got out of France in time before everything happened. But sometimes I get real sad because I miss mommy and daddy, I never had a brother, and I don’t want all of my friends from France to end up in a camp with Hitler the bad guy with the mustache that commands all of those soldiers dressed in matching suits. Back in France, when things were still a little safer I used to go walking to school with Danielle, my best friend, and mommy.

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