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Like you

By mavaabrat3, Palm Harbor, FL

I count the times for you I have written a rhyme,
And looked through the poems about you being mine and get excited by every line,
I hear the tick tock of my clock and I think about time,
I also think about how every second with you makes my life shine,
I watch as flights travel through day and night,
And when I see the brightest stars it is you I see in sight,
Every time I play the song and I sing the words that go along,
My thoughts seem to prolong my love for you that is already lifelong,
For every day I see beautiful art,
It is one more call for you from my heart,
I am amused by the shows I see,
But the greatest amusement there could be is when you are with me,
All my senses could be used to describe something more then words,
But to describe you I need sometime more then senses in this world.

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