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For The Love of Money by Omar Tyree

By Bapalapa2, Brooklyn, NY

For The Love of Money by Omar Tyree is actually a sequel to one of his best selling books Flyy Girl. However, you don't even need to read Flyy Girl to enjoy this book because he fills you in on everything that you need to know.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who has a dream. A dream to become a successful writer, an actress or actors, or just moving on to bigger and better things. This book is inspiring because it shows how determined the main character Tracy is to make it out in Hollywood. Tracy is also a poet in the book, and Omar Tyree has a poem of "Tracy's" at the beginning of every chapter.

For the Love of Money is just a great book that you can read over and over again and not get bored with it. The story makes you realize that if you want something bad enough, you work hard until you get it and don't give up!

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