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The Princess And The Blacksmith's Son This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Dan R., Brooklyn, NY

   High upon a hilltop,

where the sun shines brilliantly

There stands an ancient castle

that looms o'er land and sea

Its walls could tell such stories

of wars and gallant knights

But none are quite as touching

as that I tell tonight.

Beneath the gray stone towers

which dominate the sky

There sits a lonely princess;

tears welled in her eye.

And in her thoughts a promise

which echoes in her ears;

That tender voice surrounds her

and dries her silent tears.

How he ever found her

is not for us to know,

But the love he wrapped around her

never ceased to grow.

His father was a blacksmith

and hers ruled far and wide,

But somehow love still bound them

across this great divide.

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