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A Fairytale Ending

By tnmebd1, E. Setauket, NY

It was the first day in my new school. It was the middle of the year and I didn’t know anyone. My dad had made my whole family move because I was way too involved with a certain someone who my father happened to hate.
So when I heard my name called in this new school by a familiar voice I got confused.
“Juliette,” he said after I turned around.
No! I felt the tears spring into my eyes. He couldn’t be here, not now, not ever. My father would kill him.

“Tyler you can’t be here, you don’t understand.” The tears started to fall heavily now.

“Juliette, It,” he tried to hold my face forward but I looked to the side stubbornly. “Fine,” he muttered. “It was impossible for me to be without you.

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