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Irresistible deception

February 5, 2009

By Chelsea N., hobe sound, FL

Compulsive liars are obviously hard to trust; it's just that simple. It's backbreaking to have a friendship and or relationship with someone you can't confide in. It's practically pointless and frustrating because you CANT TELL THEM ANYTHING. And if you do, your conscience will beat you up afterwards, because you know half the school will know by 2:00pm that day. I hate it when people lie about being a liar. That ticks me off the most I think because, when you are caught in a lie, why not just fess up to it? But I guess to some people digging yourself into a deeper and wider hole by trying to cover up your lie and make excuses for your actions is a much easier alternative. As far as I'm concerned people need to just stop lying altogether! No more 'innocent white lie' garbage; because its not true, all types of lies hurt the people they involve.

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