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Where I am From

By pianocyh, Tenafly, NJ

I am from puffy dresses
to jeans
I am from the Korean holidays
to American ones
I am from small schools in Demarest and Closter to the big school in Tenafly
I am from a tiny apartment
to a big house
I am from rice cakes, kim chi, and noodles
to hamburger, fries, and Coke
I am from the tiny piano
to the baby grand piano
I am from 12 hamsters
I am from the street of market stalls
to the state where the shops themselves are bigger than the market place I used to go to
I am from a culture where it is like a sin to play all day
pity for those who don't work and only play
I am from a society where you are expected to be smart
I am in a culture where so many spoiled children including myself

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