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Money Hungry By: Sharon G. Flake

February 18, 2009

By AmazinqRaice, Battle Creek, MI

Money Hungry is the revolting truth behind a teen's biggest fear. The story of 13 year old Raspberry Hill, is a Coretta Scott King Honor Book because of it's great dialogue, voice, ethnicity, and the words that put it all together.
Raspberry Hill grew up in the project, her mother works almost 24/7, and her father is a bum. Raspberry has seen what being homeless and hungry is like; she is determined never to see it again. Her ways of avoiding her past, is by selling holiday pencils, and old chocolates at school to her friends' to her enemies. When her principal shuts all that down, she is forced to wash cars with an old family friend. Raspberry Hill believes in saving all her money.
Money is the only thing that can put Raspberry to sleep at night. Raspberry is simply what they call money hungry.

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