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The Definition Of Awesome

By TheNextBigThing, Tacoma, WA

"Thank you," I told the cashier at the counter. I grabbed my purchase and headed outside to a bus stop. A man walked up and stood next to me, obviously waiting for the same bus. I glanced over to look at him and suddenly froze.

I had always referred to myself as awesome. I used it as a coping mechanism if I failed at some thing, "It didn't work because my awesomeness broke it." I used it as a compliment to myself when I did succeed, "It worked because I'm awesome." I used it when my friends said they missed me, "How could you not miss something this awesome?"

Overall, anyone that knew me personally or just vaguely, automatically associated the word "awesome" with me. It might have something to do with the fact that I also use the word awesome to describe anything positive.

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