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The Ferris wheel Daze

February 24, 2009

By Shannon, spindale, NC

One morning I was walking through a park. A festival sort of thing was going on. Cotton candy, rides, games and even circus acts surrounded me. Walking with my half eaten cotton candy cone, in the corner of my eye something grabbed a hold of my attention.I saw a Farris wheel. I myself love the idea of being in the air glimpsing down on people.I hop on, paying exactly 2 tickets. With the these thoughts zipping threw my head, my excitement grows. The wheel starts moving. As the ride manuevers to the top a screeching noise rises up above all the laughing and joyfulness down below. "this is my favorite part" i whispered to the wind. I knew exactly what was going on, or did i? My cart was at the very tip top of the wheel. I could feel my heart racing! So i closed my eyes and let my imagination let loose.
Something about the wind makes me feel something in the pit of my stomach, something i can't quite explain.

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