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The Room This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Sue R., Brooklyn, NY

   It was a small room, a mess with wires. Filling up its interior was a single window, two easy chairs, a medium-sized dresser, and much advanced machinery. A small, crude bed occupied the center of the room, leaving little space to stand.

The window was nicely curtained with faded, blue lace. Though small, it had a refreshing view of the far-away mountains and seemingly cloudless skies. The two easy chairs were mismatched, old and drab; yet, at the same time, comfortable and familiar. One of the chairs, the one to the left of the doorway, was a dull, green color, with patches and tape barely concealing the rips and holes in the aged material. The other chair, the one next to the dresser, was in better condition. It was high and overstuffed, made with a rather plain, floral-printed fabric. The dresser was of unstained wood, with a few handles missing and chipped corners.

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