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True Blue

By xDarithz, Lowell, MA

Where in the world could I find ?true blue?, whatever that meant. I?d traveled across Asia for the truest of blue, but all to no avail. It was my task to search for this ?object?. The consequence of my failure would be death. Miss Metropolis didn?t precisely say ?death?, but it was implied in her bitter words.

It all started on the night of Friday the 13th. I suppose I shouldn?t have agreed to go to the movies, but I did anyways. As you would know, Friday the 13th has been considered the worst day in the history of days. Bad lucks take form in the daily events of mankind. And since I was not superstitious enough (at all), I didn?t think anything bad would happen?to me. Exactly, I didn?t think.

We arrived at the movies after a near-death car ride. We were rolling down Brookline Avenue, and clearly there were no on-coming vehicles.

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