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Pretty Little Monsters

By ModernBoredom, Lake Forest Park, WA

Pretty little monsters,
Stuffed into their tight jeans and mini-skirts,
Faces slathered with rouge and gloss,
Shoved up into the atmosphere by gigantic heels,
Sneering down at the “losers”,
As they happen to call us,
The kids without make-up,
Or the wrong kind,
Without the mini-skirts that are barely strips of fabric,
Yeah, the Pretty Little Monsters,
That watch your every move,
Feeding on gossip and tears,
Of which they spread, of course,
The most trivial of trivial,
Every breakup on school grounds,
Every fight,
Every plight,
All the jealousy and fright,
Why do they do it?
The Pretty Little Monsters?
They seem to have everything,

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