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Where Am I?4

By Brandymj13, cornish, NH

It was about 10:30pm when we found a typed letter propped up against a pillow on Jordan’s bed. The letter just shortly noted that she was going to our fathers in Arizona and she thought it was about time she met him. The end of the letter said “P.S. I couldn’t find my cell phone so see u guys when I get back.”

“But why in the world?” I blurted quickly.

“Well, that was her choice, she is full grown now and she can make her own choices,” my mother noted unexpectedly.

“Yeah, I guess your right,” I replied flatly as I turned out of her room and up to the attic.

The attic has been my get away, the place I can be alone with out being away, my place to think. But tonight I go up there for a different reason, to find out the answer that is burning up in my head. Who is my father?

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