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Honest & Open This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Rachel P., Brooklyn, NY

      Last night I wrote a column for the school newspaper that described how I feel right now in brutally honest terms. I emailed it to our wonderful editor, and while she loved it, she also asked a very good question: “Do you want the entire school body, including our senior class, the staff, and the nuns to read this?”

That question pretty much matched my thoughts. I’m not a very open person; I tend to let only a few friends know exactly what’s going on in my life. I suppose that’s where my personality contradicts itself, because I’m also an honest person.

Being honest is difficult. It involves taking risks - huge risks - and putting yourself on the edge. Opening up to someone can be the hardest thing in the world and either lead to hurt feelings or stronger friendships.

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