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Mars This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Julia S., Brooklyn, NY

     How much did it cost to assemble Spirit and Opportunity? I’ll tell you: $800 million. That’s a big hunk of money that could resolve problems like health care, schools, the effects of natural disasters, and tax increases. Not only is there one, but two remote-control cars on an area where humans don’t even exist. Why does $800 million need to be there if humans aren’t? Scientists want to know if life ever existed on Mars. It’s like attempting to dig up a bug that might have been buried years ago. If scientists want to find out simply because of curiosity, then they should use their own money. Even if there were, or are, life forms there, do you think they would help us or repay the millions spent to find them?

Now, this mission would be somewhat understandable if a Mars Rover lasted a lifetime or cruised all over the planet, but the Mars Rovers were expected to “live” only three months and travel just 30 feet a week!

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