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A Great Responsibility...

May 11, 2010

By qwerty42, Waverly, KY

The ground rushed up to meet us, and the jolting, grinding noise of the landing gear popping out startled me, as it always did. When the plane landed, and the great motors finally stopped, making my ears miss the noise, we exited the plane along with all the other people. The sight of people and animals everywhere met my eyes as soon as we were out of the airport; it was very, very familiar. The stench of the city’s numerous sewers that would later earn it the name “The Indonesia Smell” rushed to my nostrils, making me cringe. Indonesia was way, way hotter than America; the humidity was already making my hair curl from just stepping out of the cool building and into the tropical atmosphere. People milled about, jabbering in a language which I could no longer remember, one which was pushed way back into the depths of my mind. Cars were crammed into four lanes on a two lane streets, with motorcycles weaving in and out, disregarding any traffic laws and doing whatever they could to get to their destination.

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