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There I Stood    (Continued)

October 9, 2010

I did not know but I refused to relent, so in August 2007, I officially joined the Speech and Debate team at my high school to explore my options.
I joined Original Oratory, a speech event in which I would write an original oratory, no two guesses there. Once I chose a topic, I began writing a speech, something which liberated my thoughts completely. I was thrilled. Granted that what I had to say about our culture’s fascination with stereotyping was not exactly akin to my cousin’s PhD thesis, but, nevertheless, I was calmed by the writing process. Before I could rehearse my speech ten times in front of the mirror, glancing at my face but all too often, pointing out my facial flaws, instead of focusing on my expressions, the date for my first ever public speaking competition neared. At that unearthly hour of 6 am on a Saturday morning, I awoke to squeeze in what would be my last rehearsal before the physically draining day ahead.

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