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15 Skills You Need For College This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Christine S., Arlington, VA

     Transitioning from the comfort of your home and the protection of your family to living essentially on your own can be exciting and confusing, which is why it helps to be prepared. Here are some skills you definitely need for college.

1. How to read and write at grade level. College classes often demand a great deal of reading and writing - even math courses.

2. How to do basic arithmetic without a calculator. Some math and science professors don’t allow calculators on tests and quizzes, so sharpen up this skill now.

3. How to find a book in a library. College papers often require a lot of research, so chances are you’ll be spending time in the library (or at least you should be). Save yourself time by learning the basics of the Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress system.

4. How to study properly for a test.

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