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My Hometown

January 12, 2012

By Jessica A., Suwanee, GA

Ice cream can describe every situation. Problems should be attacked like you would eat a triple stacked brownie sundae in a waffle cone: from a strategic point so that everything doesn’t topple over. Life can also be described through ice cream. My hometown of Suwanee would be the base of a sundae, a scoop of vanilla.

Suwanee is a typical suburban place, big enough to include the amenities of a city, but small enough to still have that homey feeling. It has beautiful greenways, cookie cutter homes, and environmentally-friendly people. Vanilla, a universal favorite, is a perfect base for a sundae: strong enough to stand by itself, but gentle enough to mix with other flavors. Suwanee is also a perfect base for character development. A fairly safe place, Suwanee doesn’t have many perils to worry about, which is great when you’re busy discovering the world, whether it’s what is inside that pretty red caboose when you were five or the world of volunteering when you end up working a music festival in the park at fifteen.

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