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From the Writer's Desk    (Continued)

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On Anita's desk, 12/19, 9:34 a.m.:
An explosion of crayon fragments, smudgy papers, and waxy, colorful homemade holiday cards; a list of addresses, some of them copied onto envelopes; a page of stamps, the kind that do not require licking; three nice gel pens lined up in preparation for the next few days; a bowl, formerly holding Cheerios, that Anita forgot to load into the dishwasher.

On Anita's desk, 12/21, 11:57 p.m.:
Cards with almost-dry ink comics, raps, and poems inside, along with a brief thank-you message; one card with a dinosaur on the front bears a slam-poetry-style calculus verse: “Ben's a good kid and wants to stay alive/Instead of makin' MADD mad, he'll think and derive/Never panicked on group quizzes, calmed Anita's nerves/Now we're friends even closer than tangent lines on curves.

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