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The Inspiration of My Life: My Cousin Montana

By headoverheels44, Dickerson, MD

Corinne walked into the house and I followed close behind, but ran into her when she suddenly stopped at a worrying sight. Our mother sat at our kitchen counter, crying, while holding her cell phone in a fist. Corinne stayed frozen a few feet from the entryway while whispering, “What happened?” My sister and I feared the worst, but we could never prepare for our mother’s reply. “Your cousin Montana died. He committed suicide.” We were told later that our nine-year-old cousin, Montana, had committed suicide at his elementary school due to his problems with bullying. The truth seemed unfathomable, but reality is sometimes harsher than a person’s worst nightmare. A few days later, everyone who knew Montana listened as all of our emotions were put into words by Montana’s best friend. “Why?” The little boy cried while looking at the casket that held his companion, “Why did you give your life away and let the bullies win?

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