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I Am a Libero    (Continued)

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Kathy was going to be a lawyer, and Jean, an engineer. My parents were quick to purchase all the necessary books, software, toys, and enrichment programs to determine their fates. According to my parents, I'm supposed to be a doctor, not a volleyball player.

On our team, I play the role of libero. I am the quarterback, the general, responsible for the actions of all six players at once. I move and shape our team as the momentum of the game swings, and I am steadfast. I do not waver under the pressure of being down by a point. Or three. Or ten.

My sophomore year, when I broke my wrist on a dive to save the set, my parents saw it as an opportunity to move me away from the time I was wasting “running around on that little court after school for three hours every day.

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