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Not a Typical Undergraduate

By QueenJay, Fort Deposit, AL

I peered out the window while awaiting a brilliant idea for the Common Application essay. My English instructor always told me to be coherent but concise; most of the time, I unheeded it. The more I complained about this quest, the more I thought about how I could distinguish myself from those boring sycophants. I pondered about how many essays would go on and on about some adversity in their life or a person who had a significant influenceon them. I finally settled on a delicate approach to the task of portraying myself as an atypical individual without being wordy and redundant.

First of all, I want to suppress your memory of this nerdy girl with pigtails, a white collared shirt, a knee-length plaid skirt, and tennis shoes. I am an African American woman who conduces to a worldwide diversity on any campus.

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