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Different Americas    (Continued)

Free time allowed me to enjoy my favorite pastime, roller blading! The 10 by 8 foot charcoal-gray slab in my backyard became my sanctuary in the midst of the violence. Its pleasures were all I knew when it came to skating. This coddled reality was as real to me as the shadows were to the chained-men in Plato's Cave allegory: the limited freedom of my childhood was all I thought existed.

The ninety-seven percent Hispanic population in my middle and high school provided a buffet of potential gang members for the cartels. The juvenile gang violence, in Laredo, Texas, transcends even the most ­astonishing national ­averages. Unfortunately, for those entering the South Texas schools, the options are to conform or face physical abuse. Confronted with these options, my family made the fiscally daunting decision to enroll me in a private school in Virginia.

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Well written and eye opening.
Jan. 26, 2015 at 5:50 PM • Report