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So Long Best Friend    (Continued)

When we were little, we fought all day, every day, but that is what kids do. The funny part is I never cared if he was screaming at me, beating me up, or getting me in trouble because at least he was spending time with me. I spent every day of my childhood with him, and loved every moment of it. From the awesome hot wheel tracks we made to the days of being pyromaniacs and making our own explosions and insane creations, it was always an adventure. I would say we had a pretty great relationship then.

Robby is four years older than me, so there was always some arguing. Even when I was young, I ­always feared losing my brother. I knew there would come a day when he would go and live his own life. Even when I was young, that would make me cry a bit, and I am not ashamed to admit it still brings tears to my eyes.

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