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Why Georgetown?

November 30, 2012

By purplemonkey95, Harleysville, PA

Throughout my academic life, I have ventured down many paths. I have explored a wide array of subjects and interests, and found those which I am passionate about. However, no matter where I have roamed intellectually, one thing has always been constant: my love of words, and my craving for expression. From a young age, I found the written word both intriguing and inescapable; I read to fill my time and wandered into the unknown worlds of my books, returning to reality often only for meals. As I grew older, all of the words that I collected in my mind began to pour out in the form of new ideas which I wrote down and cherished. As a high school student, I have come to realize that my words are precious, not only to myself but to others as well. I began sharing my work with the world through publications like Teen Ink, a magazine and website written entirely by teenagers.

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