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The Adventures of Boudro This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Chason D., Rock Island, IL

     “An academic kick in the pants, that’s what this is,” Boudro said to himself after writing 10 atop the last pre-calculus quiz. “An academic kick in the pants.” He neatly placed his red correcting pen and TI-89 calculator in his bag and the abysmal quizzes back in the homework tray. He logged off his computer, straightened his classroom, and completed his nightly regimen by looking at the wall clock with a sigh. It was eight o’clock, and as usual he was the last teacher at the high school. It was never easy for Boudro to leave at the end of the day. His life revolved around the logical and the mathematical. He found the most pleasure in imbuing his students with geometrical and calculus knowledge, useless garbage no one would use outside of high school. This fact may have made Boudro the happiest of all.

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