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It’s On Me    (Continued)

My vision goes blurry as I fold inside myself, and the story is gone. Why? It‘s the one word on the page I can decipher, or maybe the solitary thought in my jumbled mind. But still, it makes no sense. Why, why, why.

Blink, be strong, don‘t fall apart, I scold myself. Despite my noblest intentions, the tears fall one by one, landing on the page and making the ink run. The delicate paper is drenched now, even happy people wouldn‘t understand the tale it tells. My head‘s imploding, and I‘m shaking all over.

Far across the room, in a brighter part of the café, a young lady looks over. Enjoying the spectacle, she leans toward her partner and whispers a few words. She looks puzzled, and as one, they mock consideration, flaunting that which I miss most.

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i love this !
Jan. 08, 2018 at 4:05 AM • Report