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Diary of a Psycho - I'm Secretly In Love With You 7/14/11

September 2, 2011

By Anonymous_Me, Marble Hill, MO

This morning, Alisa came back.
I tried to give her a hug, but she ran away from me...
''Alisa!'' I yelled as she walked down the hallway.
''Ohhh my gosh,'' she said, wary of what I was going to do.
''Hug!'' I said, chasing her around in circles.
''Ohhh my gosh, avoiding the hug, avoiding the hug!'' Alisa kept running away from me.
''Oh, come on! Why can't I have a hug? I haven't seen you in a week!'' I whined.
''Three days, Kristen. I think you should learn how to count.'' Alisa giggled.
''Well, it was like a week to me,'' I countered.

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