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Secrets Of a Mother

May 25, 2012

By Dye-Hard-With-Passion, Houston, TX

They are dreams I show her every night. She plays them thru out her day. There she smiles and sings the joyful tunes of her childhood and some of mine.

And she sees Him...the fair skinned and dark haired boy whom grew into a man. She watches him closely.. his every move shows her more.

She asks me about him every night just before bed. I never say much.. "He's a man now, Sweetheart. Nothing more."

The dreams are real but never spoken aloud. The man she sees is her proud father. He doesn't think he's good enough for them so afar he watches his darling girls.

Deep down he knows I want him back. Holding my hand strolling under evergreen trees with her perched up on his shoulders. My lovely daughter with her handsome father by side.


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