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By MyLifeAsCupid, Janesville, WI

I peaked through the glass door way for the fifth time; he still wasn’t there. My thoughts started twisting around each other and I wasn’t able to untangle them. A pair of bright headlights flashed across the room through a nearby window. I looked towards them; when they were shut off by the driver I was able to see the ocean blue color of the car. I knew that color any where. A rusty squeal came from the employee door.
“Hey I thought we were going to fix that?” Calvin tried to yell over the blender’s roar.
“Yeah and I thought you weren’t going to be late anymore?” John threw a balled of apron to him.
“My cousin had a concert and asked me to drive him there.” He said catching the apron. Calvin ran his fingers through his wavy gelled hair; he went to tie on his apron when I started counting to five.

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