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Two Ways

November 6, 2012

By BDAIndra, Denpasar, Indonesia

That day, I could hear them whispering, talking, behind me, above me, around me. The words they mumble, echo around me, like chians, bouncing of the walls of the school corridor. A new girl, they said, a new girl. I scoffed beneath my breath, a new doll you mean. A new puzzle to solve. A new mystery to unravel. What's her name/ do you think she's nice, and another bunch of endless questions, rhetorical, they already know that they soon will find out, no need to force and answer.

For once I wanted to be the person who was just watching things pass by,emotionless. I wanted to be able to be the one who witnessed the change instead of being changed. I was tired of it, but I couldn't stop myself from being part of it.

Then suddenly, something strikes me from behind, a sharp whisper which cuts through the air, swift and quick.

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