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Money Buying Happiness

By Alexis F, Johnston, IA

Does money buy happiness? I know of several people that would say yes, no, and some people that would say yes and no. I am personally stuck on yes and no.

There are many reasons why people would say yes. Kids often need money to buy toys, electronics, other games, etc. These things make them happy. They like these things. For adults, some like books, education for kids, and television. All of this costs money. It’s what they want. That is what brings them happiness. Many people would argue with this though.

What makes people think that money doesn’t bring happiness? Well, there are many people in this world that live happily without money. Lots of times, you see one person on the side of the road with no money. I’ve seen a whole family like that. The difference is they weren’t asking anyone for anything.

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