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The KEy to The NEw World

June 1, 2012

By Skylerteddy, Bloomington, MN

Our Minds are a Very Powerful tool ! That's if we use it. Most people don't even think for themselves anymore. They are believing what ever we hear. No matter how many signs are telling us otherwise. We all just want something to believe in. But have we put the right faith into the correct person?

United states of America. People see this as a Get to spot for a better life. Heres what They Dont Realize.

Can we honestly say that we have? Do any of you know the real story behind it all? Behind all the mysterious Things that are happening in the world? Can we all just say that its Just Global Warming or even just the Prophecies of the End Of The World ? I'm Starting to think everyone plays a part in The downfall of the world. Here's why I think that.

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