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Hidden In Plain Sight

By lidia m., phoenix, AZ

In "Hidden in Plain Sight", the middle child is always forgotten. I like how she finally spoke about "us" middle children. I am a middle child, and I completely agree with her saying, "It's almost like being hidden in plain sight". I have two brothers and I am the only girl. My older brother is twenty and my younger brother is thirteen. I am sixteen. It is even worse when you are the only girl because the boys leave me out of everything. My parents seem to spoil my little brother Matthew because he is the baby in the family. My oldest brother Ferdy receives the most appreciation because he reaches milestones before anyone else. Also since I am the only girl my mother seems to think I should get the most household chores. It is so unfair! Thank you Laura D. for telling the true story about favoritism in families.

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