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Anorexic Alice in Hungerland

January 3, 2013

By Aleks, Brooklyn, NY

"Anorexic Alice in Hungerland" by Cathy was an amazing article included in Teen Ink's January issue. The article is informative, but isn't a bore to read. I love the comparison to Alice in Wonderland, as I would have never though of it myself. Even though a real existing issue is presented, this piece of writing is still in a style of a story. It was very suspenseful and had a somewhat eerie tone. The twist at the end was another thing I favored about the article.

Way to spread the word, Cathy! Really, anorexia is becoming a big problem in the United States. It's articles like these that make teens want to read about the problem and raise awareness. This was a very touching read I much enjoyed.


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