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Speak Up, Kid    (Continued)

Considering that Zachary's father is probably following the example set by his father, his only understanding of homosexuality, for example, is that it does not fit with his world view, and is thus bad. He's never given himself the chance to get to know a gay person, realize that who they are isn't wrong, and see how he's hurting them (much like how he calls his son a punk whenever he introduces new ideas).

This whole concept of fearing what we don't understand is also why the chain of ignorant adults continues. By the time we're grown up, we figure we've turned out pretty well and that for our child to be the same way, we'll need to mimic our parents. The difficulty in becoming an individual in this endless chain of conformity is what makes this author so incredible.

Kudos to you, Zachary, for you've made at least one person in this world less ignorant about this issue.

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that's right, give credit where credit is due!!! :D
Feb. 10, 2013 at 10:20 PM • Report