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Standing By

February 16, 2013

Isabelle O., Saint Petersburg, FL By bluebelle331, Saint Petersburg, FL

*thunk* I closed my Locker, finally the end of the day. I took my usual secluded route to exit the school. The only noises I hear as I go from one hallway to the next are my own footsteps and something else. Crying, I stop a nearby corner to prevent my watch being notice. It was Julia-Tulia.
Julia-Tulia or J.T. to most isn't a popular girl, or even really friendly in that matter. She is a little church girl that is very opinionated. She was disdained by most of her classmates, and even by the upperclassmen. So she sticks around her friends and by friends, I mean a group of freshman that could tolerate her. She isn't a particularly special, more of a nerd if you stereotyped her. However that doesn't mean she was given sympathy for her weird additude.

I guess that's what got in the situation she's in now.

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