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Rebuilding in Peru    (Continued)

March 26, 2013

Taray is a small town deep in the Andes Mountains. The year before the entire town was wiped out by a mudslide, destroying all sources of education, trade, and health centers.

Now, this mudslide had quite the impact in American media. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the type of media that the affected Peruvians had hoped for:

The New York Times wrote: “Deadly mudslide strands tourists in Peru,” and the Washington Post wrote: “Mudslides trap tourists near Peru ruins.” But nothing about the total destruction of several towns in this area.

As my classmates and I worked in the village for a couple of weeks, constructing bookshelves out of bamboo stalks and interacting with Peruvian children every day, we knew that this town didn’t have the financial means to recover from this disaster.

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