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Mr. Meece

By Seth96, Newark, DE

Newark Charter School is a public school established in 2001 by parents who did not feel that the public school education in the area was sufficient. They raised funds for a charter school in Newark, and as a result Newark Charter was born. Hired, as the principal of this school was Gregory Meece. The school that was built was small in size, and could only enroll a couple hundred of students for grades 5-8, but with being a small school the students were given more one on one attention from their teachers that enhanced their learning experience. Also because the school was built due to the fact that parents thought the public school system was not enough, the curriculum put in place by Mr. Meece at Newark Charter, was challenging.

Mr. Meece made school pleasant. Instead of looking tired and stressed out like some people at work he always had a smile on his face and never talked like he was exasperated.

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