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Returning a Boy

July 29, 2012

By Camille1234, Corbett, OR

The missionary looked down at her eight month year old great-grandson. He was only eight months old and already he had a hard life. His papa left him when he was just a babe in his mama's tummy. His mama was never a safe child, within six months of her child's life she was sent to jail for possession of drugs. Her son, her little boy was sent to live with the girls mother, his grandmother. He grew attached to his grandma for the two months he lived with her. He thought of her as his mama, and loved her in his eight month year old mind. His mama was released from jail the minute her little boy was eight months old, and she wanted her baby back. The boys grandmother not being able to bring the child back to his mother asked her mother to, who gladly said yes. The little old lady planted a kiss on her great-grandsons forehead, the little fuzz of her hair tickling her nose.

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