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Wrapped in Blue    (Continued)

There was a lingering taste, and I gagged a few times before Dad led my brother and me into the room.

The first sight that met my eyes was a small blue bundle cradled in my mother's arms. My breath caught in my throat, and I blinked several times. Numbly walking across the room, I stood on tip-toes, trying to get a look. Dad chuckled and lifted me under my arms. I squeaked at the indignity, but my protests died away as a wrinkled red face came into view. When I saw my new sibling for the first time, my thoughts flashed back to the previous night, when I'd been awakened by a hand on my shoulder.

From the day my parents told me that Mom was pregnant, I'd been enchanted with the idea. I put a diaper on one of my dolls and spent hours talking to her and pretending to change her clothes.

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