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i had a dream

September 28, 2012

By mamajenni, nacogdoches, TX

I once had a dream
Everyone I know is downtown. Herded like a massive group of cattle and I’m in the very front. We keep moving forward through the alleys in the flood waters, red bricks that have come loose float alongside us. We come to a part I have never seen before. It was designed much like the room full of doors that Alice gets suck in until she finds the correct door. There are four different ways to choose from. First is to try to turn around and go back, an impossible feat, Second to turn right and go with my mother, third to go straight and by myself and finally fourth to go left and wait for Avery and her father. The current starts moving faster the closer I get to my choices and my face hits the bricks of a giant bank. I am stuck in between the third and fourth choice. I can hear my mother yelling for me and her co-workers commenting on my choices.

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