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The Bruises Fade but the Pain Will Last Forever    (Continued)

This kind of thunderstorm leaves people wounded, bruised, and sometimes bloody. The wounds may heal, but the emotional damage is much worse, it may get better over time, but this emotional damage remains. I run inside as my thoughts were interrupted by the thunder’s huge rumble. As I arrive inside the house, I decide to curl up on the couch which I begin to remember the actual events that have overwhelmed my life, it changed the life I once knew to the one I lead today.

I was just a scared child with such an empty soul. I never thought I would even have the courage and have such the warm soul I have today. Almost every night I would hear the loud voices behind the wall, the ones that woke me from a sound sleep and had me pulling the covers over my head, ones that would have me trembling and very frightened when I was awake.

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