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October 27th; My Bat Mitzvah This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By, Horsham, PA


I sat up in bed and reached for my alarm clock. 5:30am and today was the day. Months of preparation, all leading up to this. I looked around my room at my shoes and jewelry that I had laid out the night before. This was really it. The day of my Bat Mitzvah. A week after my birthday, and it was finally happening. None of it seemed real. After locating a sweatshirt, I hopped out of bed and opened my door.

Running into my mom's room, I shouted, "WAKE UP, IT'S TODAY!", only to realize that the lights were on, and she was already awake.

She smiled at me as she pulled our dresses out of her closet and said, "Someone's a little bit excited!"

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